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Note.jpg Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) is as survey method outdated and obsolete. Of course it is possible to use the fields for other types of surveys.
The table impactsurvey is a subobject to Activity, the entity type is called IMPACT_SURVEY and the target is called ImpactSurveyVersion.

IS category.png

DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Accident Cause Single-select accidentcause_guid AccidentCause AccidentCause
Accident In Area Single-select accidentinarea_guid Yes No Answer AccidentInArea
Casualty Type Single-select casualtytype_guid Killed Or Injured CasualtyType
Inactive - correctionfactor CorrectionFactor
Economic Base Single-select economicbase_guid EconomicBase EconomicBase
Inactive - economicbaseother EconomicBaseOther
Electricity Supply Single-select electricitysupply_guid Yes No Answer ElectricitySupply
Enumerator1 String enumerator1 Enumerator1
Enumerator2 String enumerator2 Enumerator2
Expert Type Single-select experttype_guid ExpertType ExpertType
Inactive - experttypeother ExpertTypeOther
Fuel Available Single-select fuelavaiable_guid Yes No Answer FuelAvailable
- Parent hazreduc_guid Hazreduc
Higher Education Comments Text highereducationcomments HigherEducationComments
Higher Education Single-select highesteducation_guid Yes No Answer HighestEducation
- String impactsurvey_guid Guid
Inactive - justificationofcorrectionfactor JustificationOfCorrectionFactor
Local Clearance Effects Text localclearanceeffects LocalClearanceEffects
Local Clearance Effort Single-select localclearanceeffort_guid Yes No Answer LocalClearanceEffort
Major Mine Impacts Text majormineimpacts MajorMineImpacts
Medical Facility Type Single-select medicalfacilitytype_guid MedicalFacilityType MedicalFacilityType
Military Activity Intensity Single-select militaryactivityintensity_guid MilitaryActivity MilitaryActivityIntensity
Mine History Comments Text minehistorycomments MineHistoryComments
Inactive - mre_othercomments MreOtherComments
Number of Victims Injured - Old Integer numberinjuredold NumberInjuredOld
Number of Victims Killed - Old Integer numberkilledold NumberKilledOld
Number of Households Census Integer numberofhouseholdcensus NumberOfHouseholdCensus
Number of Households Census Pre-War Integer numberofhouseholdcensusprewar NumberOfHouseholdCensusPreWar
Number of Households Key Informants Integer numberofhouseholdkeyinfo NumberOfHouseholdKeyInfo
Number of Households Key Informants Pre-War Integer numberofhouseholdkeyinfoprewar NumberOfHouseholdKeyInfoPreWar
Number of Primary Schools Integer numberofprimaryschools NumberOfPrimarySchools
Number of Secondary Schools Integer numberofsecondaryschools NumberOfSecondarySchools
Piped Water Supply Single-select pipedwatersupply_guid Yes No Answer PipedWaterSupply
Population Census Integer populationcensus PopulationCensus
Population Census Pre-War Integer populationcensusprewar PopulationCensusPreWar
Population Key Informants Integer populationkeyinfo PopulationKeyInfo
Population Key Informants Pre-War Integer populationkeyinfoprewar PopulationKeyInfoPreWar
Primary Interview Language String primarylanguage PrimaryLanguage
Priority Single-select priorityactive_guid Priority PriorityActive
Inactive - priorityactivevalue PriorityActiveValue
Inactive - prioritycorrected_guid PriorityCorrected
Inactive - prioritycorrectedvalue PriorityCorrectedValue
Inactive - priorityneutral_guid PriorityNeutral
Inactive - priorityneutralvalue PriorityNeutralValue
Recent Marking Survey Single-select recentmarkingsurvey_guid Yes No Answer RecentMarkingSurvey
Recent Mine Clearance Single-select recentmineclearance_guid Yes No Answer RecentMineClearance
Origin of Impact Survey Report Single-select reportorigin_guid ReportOrigin ReportOrigin
Inactive - reportoriginother ReportOriginOther
Settlement Established String settlementestablished SettlementEstablished
Inactive - severitychange_guid SeverityChange
Telephone Connection Single-select telephoneconnection_guid Yes No Answer TelephoneConnection
Education Victim Assistance Single-select victimassistance_guid Yes No Answer VictimAssistance
Last Conflict Year Integer yearlastconflict YearLastConflict
Year Mines Last Planted Integer yearminelastplanted YearMineLastPlanted
Year Mines Problem Began Integer yearmineproblembegan YearMineProblemBegan