Modify an IMSMA Map

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Note.jpg Note that these procedures are done outside of IMSMANG. The recommended maximum size of the background map is 2 GB. If you would need a clean background map then you may download it from Downloads.

All modifications to the IMSMANG background maps must be performed in an external GIS application such as ArcMap 10.1.

  1. Copy all layers to a folder ouside the C:\IMSMAng folder.
  2. Change the .MXD file as needed. Example of edits:
    • Set minimum and maximum display levels for each layer
    • Add, modify, and delete raster and vector layers
    • Change the map coordinate system
    • Create pyramids for raster layers
    • Change colours and styles
    • Add, modify, or delete labels from vector layers
    • Group and ungroup layers
    Although an external GIS application allows you to make other changes to the map, the changes listed above are the ones that can be viewed with IMSMANG.
  3. Verify that all layers and the map frame has the same projection.
  4. Save the .MXD file with a new name. Remember to use relative path to data sources in the map document (mxd).
Warning.jpg IMSMANG may only use mxd files that are created in 10.1 format. In ArcMap use Save a copy and choose ArcMap 10.1 and ArcMap 10.2 format.
  1. Import the new .MXD file.
  2. Test the new .MXD with IMSMANG and evaluate performance.
  3. Share the new .MXD file and all layer files.