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All geospatial data in IMSMANG is stored in two different formats:

  • latitude/longitude
  • the coordinate system and format the user used when entering the data.

The two different formats are shown in the columns X / Lon & Y / Lat and X / Longitude & Y / Latitude in the geospatial widgets used in Summary windows and Data Entry Forms.

Using the Coordinate System manager in the Customisation menu, the administrator controls which coordinate systems could be used for data entry and visualisation in the Map pane. WGS 1984 and MGRS are active after the installation.

Coordinate System Manager Window

Coordinate System Manager Window

Coordinate systems and formats are used for four different functions in IMSMANG:

  1. limit which coordinate systems/formats are allowed for data entry
  2. re-project the map on the fly
  3. show coordinates of cursor position
  4. go to coordinates / drop pin in the map