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Note.jpg The steps below describe what needs to be done in IMSMANG. The sub-theme needs also to be defined in the IMSMA.mxd and the map should be imported again. These steps are described in How to work with Sub-Themes in IMSMA.mxd.

IMSMA allows you to add up to five customised themes, called Sub-themes, to each of the IMSMA themes. Sub-themes can be created based on single-select IMSMANG system fields or Custom-Defined Fields for that theme.

Customise Subtheme0.png

IMSMA Themes window


As an example, Victim by Gender theme will be used. To add sub-themes:

  1. In the Customisation menu → Sub-Themes Manager.
  2. Each theme contains five blank rows for adding a sub-theme. These are labelled UserDefined1, UserDefined2, UserDefined3, UserDefined4, and UserDefined5.
    Customise Subtheme1.png

    Customise Sub-Themes window

  3. Select the row of the sub-theme that you want to assign or reassign.
  4. Click the FieldViewIcon.png button.
  5. Custom Sub-theme picker.png

    Customise Sub-Themes window

  6. Select a field from the Sub-Theme drop-down list.
  7. Click the Save button.
  8. The sub-theme displays in the Source column on the Customise Sub-Theme window.
    Customise Subtheme2.png

    Updated Customise Sub-Themes window

  9. The sub-theme is automatically added to the IMSMA Themes tab of the Map Display Window.

    Updated IMSMA Themes window

    Note.jpg Once a sub-theme has been assigned to a blank row, that row cannot be unassigned (made blank) again. It can only be reassigned to another sub-theme.
    Warning.jpg The sub-theme assignments are not stored in the IMSMA database. They are stored in the file C:\IMSMAng\client\conf\UserPrefs.props. The file is included in the Map Data option of backup and restore.
  10. You have now done the definition steps in IMSMANG.
  11. You now should proceed with the definition steps in ArcGIS.