How to make polygons look different in IMSMA.mxd

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Note.jpg An alternative solution to change colour of the polygons is to use Poly Property that makes it possible as well to distinguish between polygons that belong to the same report.

If you would like to change the existing symbology, you need to use ArcGIS software to update IMSMA.mxd which is located in C:\IMSMAng\server\gis\maps folder.

In IMSMANG version 6.0 it is not possible to change the IMSMA.mxd to show different colours of the polygon based on Type, Status, etc. i.e. it is not possible to have red for Open, Orange for Worked on and Red for Closed. But it is possible to change how to polygon looks like in IMSMANG.


As an example, Land by Status theme will be used. The use case could be that the users wanted to have the polygons filled with diagonal stripes instead of filled solid.

  1. This is how the Map Display Window inside IMSMA looks like before any changes on the .mxd file:
    Polygon symbology0.png

    IMSMA layer Land - by Status

  2. Open IMSMA.mxd with ArcMap and go to Land by Status layer. Double-click on the layer or right-click and choose Properties.
    Polygon symbology1.png

    IMSMA layer Land - by Status

  3. The following window displays.
    Polygon symbology2.png

    Layer Property window - Symbology tab

  4. Click on the Polygon.
  5. The following window displays.
  6. Polygon symbology3.png

    Symbology selector window

  7. Note the width and colour of the Outline.
  8. Scroll down in the style list and select 10% Simple hatch fill.
  9. Click on OK.
  10. Click on OK.
  11. Polygon symbology4.png

    IMSMA layer Land - by Status after edit

  12. Save the IMSMA.mxd and close ArcMap.
  13. Rename your background mxd. This mxd must not previously been merged/imported into IMSMANG.
  14. In the IMSMA client (if your configuration is client/server then start the IMSMA client on the server computer) go to File → Import → Map.
  15. Import the background map which will be merged with the updated IMSMA.mxd.
  16. Verify in Map Display that the changes are applied.
    Polygon symbology5.png

    IMSMA layer Land - by Status