Add a new symbol to IMSMA.mxd

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When the Mine Action Programme has added values to an enumeration list that is used in Map Display then a symnbol has to be designed and added to the IMSMA.mxd. You need to use ArcGIS software to update IMSMA.mxd which is located in C:\IMSMAng\server\gis\maps folder.


As an example, Place by Type theme will be used and in this example a symbol for Office needs to be added to Place Type.

  1. This is how the Map Display Window inside IMSMA looks like before any changes on the .mxd file:
    Add new symbol0.png

    IMSMA layer Place - Symbol missing

  2. Open IMSMA.mxd with ArcMap and right-click on the specified layer and choose Properties in the menu.
    Add new symbol1.png

    IMSMA layer Place - by Type

  3. The following window displays.
    Add new symbol2.png

    Layer Property window - Symbology tab

  4. Go to the Symbology tab. Note how the Value is written and the difference between Value and Label. You need to write exactly like the Value is written for the existing symbols (including spaces) for the new symbol.
  5. Note.jpg The syntax is different for different types of symbols. It is not possible to edit the Value so if you do a mistake then delete the Value row and start over with Add Values.
  6. You will find the Value in the Data Inventory Manager. Double click on the Type row.
  7. Add new symbol3.png

    Data Inventory Manager - Place node

  8. Click on the Translate button.
    Add new symbol4.png

    Option list window

  9. The Value that you will use in the IMSMA.mxd is listed in the Base Term column. You need to write exactly as it is written here including spaces.
    Add new symbol5.png

    Translation window

  10. Switch back to ArcMap and click on the Add Values button. Fill in the new Value using the syntax from Step 3 and the Base Term found in the Data Inventory Manager. Click on Add to List button. Click on OK.
    Add new symbol6.png

    Add Values

  11. Set Label for the new Value.
    Add new symbol7.png

    Label & Symbol

  12. Click on the symbol and set the symbol. If you need guidance on how to work with symbols, see Change existing symbol in IMSMA.mxd.
  13. When you are done, click on OK.
  14. Verify your symbol in the legend.
    Add new symbol8.png


  15. Apply the same change to the other layers in the same group.
    Add new symbol10.png

    IMSMA layer Place - by Type

  16. Rename your background mxd. This mxd must not previously been merged/imported into IMSMANG.
  17. In the IMSMA client (if your configuration is client/server then start the IMSMA client on the server computer) go to File → Import → Map.
  18. Import the background map which will be merged with the updated IMSMA.mxd.
  19. Close the IMSMA client and open it again in order to be sure that the Map pane is refreshed.
  20. Verify in Map Display that the changes are applied. Apply the new theme and verify that it looks OK in the Map Pane.
    Add new symbol9.png

    New symbol is added in Map Display