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The Mine Action Programme is using IMSMANG in English but the Regional settings on some computers are not English. The users would like to have the settings to non-English due to other applications. The user interface of IMSMANG will in these cases be in English but options of single-select (enumeration values) will be shown in raw IMSMA English. In the description below Albanian is used as example.

Wa symptom.png

How the issue looks like

When the user is e.g. filtering in Search the normal values Open, Worked on and Closed are not shown.

  1. Start with looking up the language code need for the language in question. If you do not know the code of the language in question, this is how you can access the list of language codes:
    1. Go to to Land in Data Inventory Manager.
    2. Open category Uncategorised.
    3. Select Status and click on Edit button.
    4. Click on Translate button.
    5. The languages and their codes are shown in the drop-down list. The language code for Albanian is sq.
    6. Wa lang code.png

      Language codes

  2. You now need to export the English translations and and tell IMSMA that when the Regional Settings are set to Albanian, those same translations should be used. Go to File menu, Export translations:
  3. Wa export.png

    Export translations

  4. Select English as the language to export. Specify file name and location:
  5. Wa export2.png

    Choose English

  6. Open the file you have just exported. Change the language code (in this example to "sq") and save the file.
  7. Wa edit file.png

    Specify language

  8. Go to to File menu, Import translations.
  9. Wa import.png

    Import translations

  10. Select the file to import.
  11. Wa import2.png

    Click on Import button

  12. Go to Advanced search again and verify the end-result.
  13. Wa end result.png

    Verify the end result

  14. The English translations are now imported as Albanian into the database so all users with Albanian as Regional settings will now see the English values instead of the raw IMSMA values.