Installation package for SAG is not working

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This workaround is for cases when the installation package i.e. etl-setup.exe does start but the graphical installer does not. In the case of the installation package for the Staging Area Generator this means that you see a command/DOS window opens but closes immediately.

The reasons why that the installation package does not may be:

  • the installation package was damaged when uploading/downloading
  • not all parts of a multi-part the installation packages have been downloaded/unzipped together
  • permission problems
  • not possible for the installation program to create folders on C-drive
  • the computer have problems with jar-files
  1. Copy the folder C:\IMSMAETLTool from another computer where the installation worked.
  2. Create a shortcut on the desktop.
  3. Create a shortcut in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\IMSMA.
    Values for the shortcuts
    Target = C:\IMSMAETLTool\bin\etl.exe
    Start in = C:\IMSMAETLTool
    Icon = %SystemDrive%\IMSMAETLTool\icons\new_IMSMAin24.ico
  4. Start the Staging Area Generator.
  5. To fully test if it works well then use the script in C:\IMSMAETLTool\sqlscripts.
  6. If there is no error messages and the generation of the database starts then all is fine.