Saved Searches 6.0

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New 6.0.png The 43 Inspirational Saved Searches included in version 6.0 may be divided into 7 groups.
Note.jpg These Saved Searches are reflecting general Mine Action processes and may not apply in all countries.

Duplicates (9)

  • "Item Duplicate ID" will find duplicates on Local ID e.g. Accident ID
  • "Victim Duplicate Name & Date Of Birth" will find duplicates using given name, family name and date of birth

Missing geographical data (8)

These "Item Without Geodata" Saved Searches will find records with no geographical data at all

No Links (7)

These Saved Searches will find items that do not have any link to another item

  • Accidents Without Victim
  • Activity Without Links
  • Assistance Without Links
  • Assistance Without Links To Victim
  • Land Without Links
  • QM Without Links
  • Victims Without Accident

Different Locations (3)

These Saved Searches will find linked items that have been reconciled to different Locations

  • Accident & Victim Not Same Location
  • Land & Activity Not Same Location
  • QM & Activity Not Same Location

Tasks (3)

These Saved Searches are helpful to find possible data quality issues when you are using the Tasking tool

  • Land Not Tasked
  • Task Without Objectives
  • Land Included In More Than One Task

Mine Action process (11)

These Saved Searches identify other possible data quality issues

  • Assistance Without Beneficiaries
  • Cancellation Reports With Ordnance
  • CHA Without Polygons
  • Completion Reports With Area +-15% Calc Area
  • Completion Reports Without Ordnance
  • Completion Reports Without Polygons
  • Land Without Evidence
  • SHA With Direct evidence
  • Status Open with links to Activity OR QM
  • Victims Without Cause
  • Victims Without Needs assessment

Data source to Inspiration iReport templates (2)

  • Accident Date Range
  • Land Status