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Except for instances where the client and the server are on the same machine, the IMSMANG database cannot be restored to a client-only machine. However, IMSMANG Restore can be used to restore client files. This functionality is particularly useful when connecting new clients to a server as this allows information managers to pre-build the GIS database and map configurations and simply restore them on the new clients computer.

On a client machine, IMSMANG Restore acts as a file copying function, copying files included in the backup to the correct location on the client. IMSMANG Restore also attempts to back up any files it is replacing. These backup directories have “_orig” appended to their file names to distinguish them from the new files.

Warning.jpg IMSMANG Restore preserves only one backup of these files. Previous _orig directories are replaced with each IMSMANG Restore so care must be taken to preserve these files, if desired, prior to running IMSMANG Restore

It is also possible to manually copy the desired files to the client computer from the backup folder to the correct locations without running IMSMANG Restore.

If you get the message below your computer is configured as a client and the IMSMA database can only be restored on the server. You selected only to restore the IMSMA database and therefore no data was restored.

Client restore database error.png

IMSMA Restore on client - only database selected message

The other data you requested to restore has been restored but the IMSMA database has not been restored since computer is configured as a client.

Client restore confirm.png

IMSMA Restore on client - confirm message