Recommendations for imagery use in IMSMA

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For use in IMSMA it is important to consider the following things:

  1. Purpose of image: The purpose of use for an image will determine greatly the area of coverage and resolution needed.
  2. Image size: an image package must not exceed 2 GB in size
  3. Resolution: Higher resolution imagery = Higher detail in image, larger file size over a smaller area of coverage. Low resolution = Lower detail in image, smaller image files over a larger area of coverage. Depending on the purpose of the image’s use you will have to consider various resolution levels.
    1. When to use Low Resolution Imagery: If an image is to be used as a base map over a large area (district, province, country) then a low resolution image will be needed so as to provide the larges area of coverage without exceeding the image size limitations. Also, at scales covering large areas high resolution imagery would be rendered useless as the details of the imagery would be lost when viewed at such a larger extent.
    2. When to use High Resolution Imagery: If an image is to be used over a localized area (specific area of contamination) for use with detailed data visualization or use in mobile data collection, then a higher resolution will be required.

For more information on imagery, see Types of Imagery and Imagery Resources.