Add Ordnance Classification

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Note.jpg To add an Ordnance classification, your IMSMANG user account must belong to a User Role that has permission Ordnance classification with Read and Write level. Contact your IMSMANG Administrator if you have questions on permissions.

To add ordnance to IMSMANG:

  1. In the Data Entry menu → Ordnance Classification.
  2. Click the FieldTemplateIcon.png button.
  3. OrdnanceEditorWindow.png

  4. Select the category from the Category list.
  5. Select the subcategory from the Subcategory list.
  6. Note.jpg When you add a new Ordnance classification it is very important that the Category and the Subcategory are set to the correct values so reporting on Category/Subcategory will be correct.
    New 6.0.png
    1. IED, Less-lethal weapons, Light weapons, MANPADS, Small Arm Ammunitions and Small Arms are new Categories.
    2. The new models belonging to the above categories are Inactive.
  7. Enter the model name in the Model field.
  8. Enter the source in the Source field.
  9. Enter the Statistic Group value in the Statistic Group field.
  10. New 6.0.png The new field Statistic Group has been added in order to facilitate flexible reporting.
  11. If there are any fields in the Custom Defined Fields section, enter data in those fields.
  12. Click the Save button.