Starting and Stopping IMSMANG

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IMSMANG is an application that consists of two layers; client and server, and may be configured in two different ways:

  1. stand-alone - both server and client parts are on the same computer (incl. database)
  2. client/server - server and client(s) parts are on different computers but in the same network
Stand-alone Configuration

Stand-alone configuration

Client/server Configuration

Client/server configuration

Note.jpg You may read more about application layers and configuration here.


For both stand-alone and client/server installations the steps to start and stop are identical. To start follow these steps:

IMSMA Control Centre Menu
  1. Display the IMSMA Control Centre Icon
  2. Start the IMSMA Server
  3. Start the IMSMA client

To stop follow these steps:

  1. Log out of IMSMA
  2. Stop the IMSMA Server
  3. Exit Control Centre

Other IMSMA Control Centre functions

Other functions in the IMSMA Control Centre menu: