Producing Reports Using IMSMANG

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IMSMANG and iReport are interacting in two ways. First, the iReport application is part of IMSMANG and can be started from the IMSMA Control Centre. Second, report templates created in iReport can be imported into IMSMANG, allowing then to produce reports on IMSMA data, from inside the application. Additionally, the IMSMA saved searches functionality can be used to narrow down the data presented in a report. Three steps are required for producing a report from IMSMANG:

The iReport template defines the item that contains the data, the attributes to be included, how the data should be formatted, and in some cases custom calculations that can be performed on the returned data.

A report consist of three parts:

  • target e.g. Land
  • iReport template definition
  • search which narrows/filter the data included in the report.

The installation packages includes four different types of iReport template definitions:

  • List
  • Summary
  • Geospatial
  • Statistics.

The iReport templates are inspiration for how reports may look like and will need to be customised by the IMSMA administrators to each country needs.


Land and ordnance report.png Accident report.png

New 6.0.png The List and Summary window printing are done with iReport templates.