Translate enumeration lists

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Note.jpg You can also translate option values via a translation file.
  1. In the Customisation menu → Data Inventory Manager.
  2. DIM enum2.png
  3. In the left pane of the Data Inventory Manager window, expand the item and data category where the the field is which you would like to translate an enumeration value for.
  4. In the right pane, click the row associated with with the field that you would like translate an enumeration value for.
  5. Click the FieldViewIcon.png button.
  6. Custom Options List Window

    Custom Options List Window

  7. In the Custom Options List window, click the Translate button.
  8. Translated Term List Window

    Translated Term List Window

  9. Select the language for which you would like to provide the translation from the Language list.
  10. Click the Apply button.
    The window displays the translations for the selected language.
  11. Click the row associated with the option that you would like to translate.
  12. Click the FieldViewIcon.png button.
  13. Translated Terms Editor Window

    Translated Terms Editor Window

  14. If you would like the translation to be used for all fields that have the enumeration value, enter the translation in Global Translation field.
  15. If you would like the translation to be used for only this field, enter the translation in Field Translation field.
  16. Click the Save button.