Move Fields Between Data Categories

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Note.jpg The focus have to been on the category you want to move from. If the node/item is selected you cannot select more than one field/CDF.
DIM enum2.png
  1. Display the fields in the right pane by selecting the data category in the left pane.
  2. Select the row(s) associated with the field(s) that you would like to move.
  3. Click the UserManual MoveSelectedItemAttributeIcon.png button.
  4. Change Category Window

    Change Category Window

  5. To move the field(s) into a new data category, select the New Category option and enter the name for the new category in the field.
  6. To move the item into an existing data category, select the Existing Category option and select the category name from the list.
  7. Click the OK button.
Note.jpg The Source column will be updated and show the new Category for the field that you moved. But you need to refresh the DIM by either:
  1. select another Category and go back
  2. reopen the DIM

in order to see the final result.