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[[Image:DisplaySubobjectCDFs.png||300px|Displaying Subobject CDFs]]
[[Image:DisplaySubobjectCDFs.png||500px|Displaying Subobject CDFs]]
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To add subobject custom defined fields (CDF) to a data entry form template:

  1. In the Data Entry Form Template Designer window, select a subobject table from the data tree and drag it to the design pane.
Note.jpg See Add Custom Defined Fields for examples of subobject tables that you can choose from.

Dragging a subobject table to the design pane

  1. Click the left border of the subobject table in the design pane, and then click Properties to open the Component Property Editor window.

Displaying Subobject CDFs

  1. Select subobject CDFs the same way you would select display columns, then click OK to close the Component Property Editor window.
Note.jpg You must save and publish the data entry form template in order to display the new subobject CDFs.