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Other Reporting Tools

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MINT is just one example of a reporting tool that can be used to analyse and report on data from the [[IMSMA_Staging_Area|IMSMA Staging Area]]. It is provided by the GICHD as a service to the mine action community. However, as it needs address the requirements of the sector as a whole, it may not address all requirements of a specific programme or organisation. There are numerous other tools that can be used for similar reporting and analysis objectives. Some commonly used tools are:
* [ Excel]: data from the staging area can be accessed from Excel, where charts, Pivot Tables etc. can be created to show and disseminate statistics. [[Connecting_to_IMSMA_Staging_area_from_Excel|This page]] describes how to connect from Excel to the [[IMSMA_Staging_Area|IMSMA Staging Area]].
* [ Access]

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