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The Role Editor window displays when you click the FieldTemplateIcon.png or FieldViewIcon.png button on the Role List window. The Role Editor window allows you to assign permissions to or delete permissions from a Role.


Role Editor Window

In the upper, left section of the Role Editor window, the name of the role is displayed in the Role field. The permissions that can be assigned to the Role are listed in the Available list that is on the left side of the window. The Assigned to Role table on the right side of the Role Editor window lists the permissions assigned to the Role and the permission level.

Buttons in the Role Editor Window
Button Description
AssignPermission.png Assigns the selected permission to the Role.
AssignPermissions.png Assigns all permissions to the Role.
RemovesPermission.png Deletes the selected permission from the Role.
RemovesPermissions.png Deletes all permissions from the Role.

IMSMANG includes several predefined Roles with the installation that have one or more permissions assigned to them. These predefined Roles can be changed as needed, or deleted.

Note.jpg The names of the permissions are read from the file (not by enumeration values / translation).