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Data Entry Form Templates

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How to add item attributes
Click the Yes button if you would like your field report template to capture data for another item record and add the item attribute to the field report template. Otherwise, click the No button; the item attribute will not be added to the field report template.
The element and its label are placed in the form design pane.
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| [[File:Note.jpg | 40px]]|| You can also add all item attributes to the field report by dragging the folder of the item to the design pane.
#Repeat the above steps to add additional item attributes to the field report.
When item attributes are dragged to the design pane, they typically include both a text label and the data entry field. The data entry field and label should be kept together to ensure the integrity of the data. Although you can change the label text, be sure to provide a meaningful label so that it is clear to users what data they should enter in the field.
In addition to the text label and data entry field, certain item attributes such as date fields, country structure, and geospatial data will also include an icon. You should keep these elements together to ensure the integrity of the data. If any one of the elements is removed, you should remove all related elements.
As you add and remove item attributes to the form design pane, the Logical Tree pane is updated.

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