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Cause: You did not specify an organisation.
Cause: You did not specify an organisation.
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Publishing a field report template makes the template available to other IMSMA users for data entry.

Note.jpg If you think you might need to change the field report at a later time, you should first save the field report so that you can modify the existing field report template. Otherwise, you will need to recreate the field report template.

To publish a field report template:

  1. Click the Publish button.
  2. The Form Publisher window displays.

  3. Enter a name for the report in the Field Report Name field. The Field Report Name is a required value. When entering a field report name, note that:
    • The name can be no longer than 38 characters.
    • The name can contain special characters.
    • Using the “/” character within the name will create a subdirectory within the My Templates directory. The new subdirectory will be named with the text preceding the “/” character. The field report template will be named with the text following the “/” character.
Note.jpg If you enter a name used by an already published field report template, the existing field report template will be overwritten. To prevent this from happening, be sure to enter a unique field report name.
  1. Enter the version number for the field report in the Version field.
Note.jpg The version number is not required. If you do not enter a version, IMSMA will assign a version of “1.0” to the field report template.
  1. Click the File:UserManual ParentOrganisationsIcon.png button to select an organisation. Note that in order to publish the field report, it must be associated with an organisation.
  2. The Organisation Selection window displays.
  3. From the Organisation Selection window:
    1. Click the row for the organisation that you would like to select as being the report owner.
    2. Click the Select button.
    3. The selected organisation’s name displays in the Organisation field.
  4. Click the Publish button.
  5. A message displays indicating the form was published successfully. If a field report template exists with the same name, the existing template will be marked as inactive. Field reports using the now inactive template can still be viewed from the Location View or Item View windows.