Log into IMSMA

Note.jpg You have to start IMSMA server first. Check the Start the IMSMA Server page.

To start the IMSMA client:

  1. Right-click the IMSMA Control Centre icon IMSMA Control Centre that is displayed in the TrayLauncher.
  2. Select the Start Client option.
  3. The Login Window displays. Enter your user ID in the User ID field. The user ID is not case-sensitive.
  4. Enter your password in the Password field. The password is case-sensitive.
  5. To proceed with the login, click the OK button.
    Login Window.png
  6. If the user ID and password you entered are valid, the IMSMA Navigation Window displays.
Note.jpg The first time that the IMSMA client is started, it may take a few minutes for the IMSMA Navigation window to display.

Log in errors

If you encounter an error during login, find below the explanation:

Inactive user.png
Error message Cause
Invalid ID or password. Please type a valid user ID and password. The user ID or password that you entered is incorrect.
Unable to connect to the server. Please check your configuration settings. Either the server has not been started or the client is configured incorrectly. Click on Show Detail to learn more.
User ID entered is not unique in user database. Please have an administrator remove the duplicate entry. A user account with exactly same User ID has been added to the database.
You have entered an inactive User ID. Please enter an active User ID and password, or contact your system administrator for assistance. The user account has been deactivated by an administrator.
You have entered an User ID without permissions. Please contact your system administrator for assistance. The user account has not been included in a role.
Note.jpg If you would like to view output messages from the server, select the Client tab from the Console Window menu. Check View the Server and/or Client Output Messages page.