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The Client Configuration tool can be displayed if you right-click on the control centre icon and select IMSMA Client Configuration Tool:




The parameter SystemName is used for building up local IDs and can reduce the risk of duplicate IDs when Data Entry is decentralised.

Local ID generators are used when generating a Local ID in a Data Entry Form by clicking on Generate ID Number.png. The Local ID of a Data Entry Template is composed of five parts:

  1. Prefix from the Local ID generator
  2. divider (usually hyphen) i.e. -
  3. System Name set in IMSMA Client Configuration Tool (optional)
  4. divider (usually hyphen) i.e. -
  5. Next Number from the Local ID generator

which for an Activity may look like CR-MAG HQ-1 or for a Victim Vic-MACC3-4581.

The System Name may be set for each computer where IMSMANG is installed. For example, the MAG Head quarter's computer could have MAG HQ as a system name while a regional installation could have MAG R1.


The following parameters are used for clients in a client/server configuration:

  • java.naming.provider.url
  • isClientOnly

and are explained here.

If AlwaysSyncGeodata is set to false then the local geodatabase on the client computer will not automatically be updated/synced with the server. The client's geodatabase will be re-synced at restart of the client or when the user clicks the refresh map button (RefreshIcon.png).

If there is a problem with network performance and clients freezes due to their geodatabase is updated, then try with changing AlwaysSyncGeodata to false.


The following parameters are not normally changed:

  • GISSandboxPath
  • IMSMACoordSysPath
  • GISServerURI
  • FontSize