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The following checklist is a complete list of what needs to be updated when a Mine Action Programme wants to make an application wide customisation of an item.

  1. Start with updating the Location files
    • C:\IMSMAng\client\resources\com\fgm\imsma\lexicon\
    • C:\IMSMAng\client\resources\com\fgm\imsma\lexicon\
    Search for Education and update only the part right of the =
    e.g. MINE_RISK_EDUCATION = Education
  2. Search for Education and update only the part right of the =
    e.g. TASK_HAS_WORKITEM = Task with Work Item(s) linked to Activity, Education or QM cannot be deleted.
  3. The option lists' translations should also be updated
    see Export and Translate the Terms.
  4. Note.jpg Search with NotePad++ in the English iTerms, iMessages and translation file but update them with Rosetta-J for other languages than English.
  5. If the country would like to change the icon used in
    1. IMSMA themes toobar
    2. Items Pane
    3. Search menu
    then the png files (mre.png and mre_hi.png) in C:\IMSMAng\client\resources\com\fgm\imsma\client\images has to be updated.
  6. C:\IMSMAng\server\gis\maps\IMSMA.mxd and should also be updated.
  7. C:\IMSMAng\client\conf\themeBuilder.xml might need to be updated.
  8. Do not forget to update staging.mxd too.
  9. Data Entry Forms templates should be updated.
  10. Summary templates should be updated.
  11. iReport templates should be updated.
  12. After all changes are done:
    1. Close client, server and TrayLauncher
    2. Delete sandbox
    3. Start TrayLauncher, server and client
    4. Test
    5. When everything is OK, share with other computers.
    Note.jpg All the changed files have to be shared with all other computers in the country and some of them are not included in the IMSMA backup.