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IMSMA NG Training Levels

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'''[[Media:Agenda IMSMA A1.pdf | Agenda IMSMA A1]]'''
==Administrator Level 2 description==__NOEDITSECTION__
The aim of Administrator Level2 course is to enhance and broaden the reporting and data analysis capacity of mine action programmes. Its curriculum is centred on the usage of the collected data for mapping, statistics and reporting and as input to decision making processes.
During this training course, participants will learn:
* On a managerial level: general principles and concepts of data analysis, including good practices of mapping and visual data analysis. Participants will also learn how to leverage the use of reporting tools in decision-making processes.
* On a technical level: how to use and administer the online Mine Action INTelligence Tool (MINT), as well as a range of geographic analysis services, mainly based on ArcGIS online and related tools. In addition, participants will learn how to use and administer PRISMA to define priorities based on multi-criteria analysis.
'''[[Media:Agenda A2 Training.pdf | Agenda A2 Training]]'''
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