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Field report templates are the data entry forms that are available from the Field Report Templates window and are what you use to add a field report to IMSMA. IMSMA includes default form templates for accident and victim, hazard, hazard reduction, location, MRE, and QC. If the default form templates do not include the information you need on the field report or are in a format that is different from what you need, you can create and publish a new field report template.

There are several steps to creating a field report template.

  1. Determine the layout of the field report template. This includes the field report template’s paper size, paper orientation, and margin sizes.
  2. Add report data fields to the field report template. Report data fields include Date of Report, Report ID, and Reported By.
  3. Add item attributes for which you would like to capture data to the field report template. You can also add images, lines, text areas, and scribe panels to the field report template.
  4. Arrange the elements on the field report template. You can change the data element labels, move the data elements, and align the elements.
  5. Save the field report template so that you can access it later to make additional changes.
  6. Publish the field report template so that users can access the template.

You can repeat these steps as necessary if you find that the field report template needs to be updated.

How to Create a Field Report Template

To create a field report template:

  1. From the Customisation menu, select Field Reports.
  2. From the Field Reports menu, select Design Templates.
    The Field Report Template Designer window displays.