Add a Data Entry Form

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Note.jpg To add data entry forms, your IMSMANG user account must belong to a User Role that has permission Data Entry Form. Contact your IMSMANG Administrator if you have questions on permissions.

There are different methods to Add a Data Entry Form and the recommended method for Data Entry of all items except a new Location is to use the Add function in the Summary window.

For a new Location there are different methods to start from:

  1. the Add Data Entry Forms in the Main Navigation window
  2. the Data Entry menu → Data Entry FormsAdd Data Entry Forms
  3. the FieldTemplateIcon.png button in the Workbench window.

Updates of existing Locations should as well be started from buttons in the Summary window.


Independent of which method you will use, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the relevant button.
  2. Select Template2.png

    Data Entry Form Templates

  3. Select which template that you would like to use by selecting the row in the Data Entry Form Templates window.
    • Click the OK button OR
    • Double-click the row associated with the template you would like to use.
  4. The Data Entry Form Editor Window displays the selected template.