View or Change an iReport Template Definition in IMSMA

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You can view or change an existing IMSMA iReport template definition.

  1. From the Customisation menu, select the Report Template Manager.
  2. The Report Template Manager window displays.

  3. From the Report Template Manager window, select the row associated with the report template that you would like to view or change.
  4. Click the FieldViewIcon.png button.
  5. The Edit Report Template window displays the information for the selected report template.

    Edit ireport def.png
    Note.jpg If you change the iReport template associated with the definition, be sure to select an iReport template that uses the same data source as that of the original iReport template.

    Also, you cannot change the type, for example, you cannot change from a Location report to a Land report.

  6. Click the Save button.