Victim Summary Window

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There are several types of classification of Victims:

  • type of Accident the Victim is linked to
  • Victim statistic category (APMBT, CCM, CCW, MOTAPM)
  • Vulnerable group (Female headed household, HIV positive, Minority group, Orphan)
  • Victim state (Alive, Deceased)
  • Victim type (Direct beneficiary, Indirect beneficiary)
  • Displacement status (Not Displaced, IDP, Refugee, Returnee)
  • Current rehabilitation pillar (Emergency, Immediate, Transition, Stabilisation, Protection)

To the Victim item there have been added 2 subobjects and 124 fields in version 6.0.

New fields in versions 6.0
Category Number of fields
Personal information 16
Event information 5
Medical information 6
Household information 5
Household situation 24
Education / Professional information 12
Economic information 10
Social inclusion information 8
Needs assessment information 12
Advocacy information 2
Interview information 9
Demining victim information 11
Uncategorised 1