Using Data Entry Forms

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Data entry is performed by completing field report templates.

Field report templates can present different data entry formats: alphanumeric or numeric-only fields, multiple or single-select lists and widgets, which contain standardised information that can automatically be displayed on the field report template.

Once completed, a field report is ready to be saved or submitted for approval.

Your field report templates have been designed by your local system administrator. Follow your local SOP or contact your local system administrator for guidance on data entry formats.

Opening the Field Report Template

  1. Choose Data Entry > Field Reports > Add Field Report...

  2. File:Test.png

  3. Select the field report template of your choice and click OK.

  4. File:Select Template.png

    >Click to select an organisation.

    File:Select an Organisation 2.png

    >Click to select a place.

    Select a Place 2.png

    >Click File:Select an Explosive.png to select explosive ordnance. Select an Explosive 2.png

    Entering Data into the Field Report Template

    Saving the Field Report

    Adding Attachments to the Field Report Template

    Saving the Field Report

    ==Submitting the Field Report==