Using Data Entry Forms

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Data entry is performed by completing data entry form templates.

Data entry form templates can present different data entry formats: alphanumeric or numeric-only fields, multiple or single-select lists and widgets, which contain standardised information that can automatically be displayed on the data entry form template.

Once completed, a data entry form is ready to be saved or submitted for approval.

Your data entry form templates have been designed by your IMSMA administrator. Follow your local SOP or contact your IMSMA administrator for guidance on data entry formats.

Open a Data Entry Form Template

  1. Choose Data Entry > Data Entry Forms > Add Data Entry Forms...
  2. File:Test.png

  3. Select the data entry form template of your choice and click OK.
  4. File:Select Template.png

  5. On forms that have Organisation, click to select an organisation on the Data Entry Form Editor.
  6. Select an Organization 2.png

  7. On forms that have a Place, click to select a place on the Data Entry Form Editor.
  8. Select a Place 2.png

  9. On forms that have an Ordnance, click File:Select an Explosive.png to select explosive ordnance on the Data Entry Form Editor.
  10. Select an Explosive 2.png

    Note.jpg To add a quantity, enter the value in the Quantity column.


    Note.jpg To remove explosive ordnance from your data entry form template, select the row and click File:Remove.png.

    File:Remove Explosive.png

    Note.jpg On activity templates, the explosive ordnance widget presents additional fields.

    Additional Fields.png

  11. On forms that have Points and Polygons, click to enter Points, Polygons, and Polylines on the Data Entry Form Editor.
  12. Click to enter geographic coordinates.

    File:Geographic Coordinates.png

    To add single points, click File:Select an Explosive.png.

    File:Add Point.png

    The Point window displays.


    To add polygon/polyline points click File:Select an Explosive.png.

    File:Polyline Points.png

    Polyline Points 2.png

    Note.jpg Enter points of polygons or polylines in the order they should be drawn in. Indicate the sequence in the Point No. field.

    To retrieve geographic coordinates from your map, click File:Retrieve.png

    Retrieve 2.png

    Note.jpg Geographic coordinates that are drawn on the map will use the coordinate system and format that is specified in the Point and Polygon/Polyline List window even if the map is projected to another coordinate system and/or format.


    To import polygons and polylines from an Excel spreadsheet, click .

    Note.jpg Ensure that the spreadsheet displays the following columns and data.

    File:Spreadsheet Display.png

Entering Data into the Data Entry Form Template

Note.jpg Text fields take alphanumeric values. Numeric fields take numeric values only.

Click to generate an ID number.

Click to select a date.


On forms that have a Country, click to select a country structure area.


Adding Attachments to the Data Entry Form Template

    File:Click Add 2.png
  1. Click to upload a new attachment

Saving the Data Entry Form Template

  1. Click Save.


Note.jpg The data entry form is added to the Workbench with a status of Saved. Needs Completion.png

Submitting the Data Entry Form Template

  1. Click Submit.


Note.jpg The data entry form is added to the Workbench with a status of Submitted. Needs Approval.png