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Introduction to iReport

iReport is a third-party application that allows you to generate custom-defined reports on IMSMA data. Using iReport, you may define the attributes that are returned by a report and also customise the appearance of the report. Report templates designed in iReport can be imported into IMSMANG and run by {{IMSMANG} users to extract data based on search criteria. Reports can be exported to PDF, RTF, XLS, and other formats. iReport Designer version 5.0.1 is included with the IMSMANG distribution. Using iReport Designer, users create .jrxml iReport templates, a kind of xml report definition, that can be used by IMSMANG to produce a formatted report.

iReport Basics

iReport uses standard reporting terms to refer to the basic building blocks of a report templates

  • Data Sources: Data sources in iReport refer to the connection between the report template and the IMSMANG database. Each iReport template will have one data source. Data sources in iReport generally refer to items in IMSMANG such as Land, Activity, Education, Accident, Victim, etc.
  • Fields: Fields in iReport refer to individual IMSMA data elements that are available from a data source. Fields are denoted in iReport using the following syntax $F{fieldname} (e.g. $F{guid}). Each data source contains a list of available fields.
  • Variables: Variables in iReport are created within the iReport template to manipulate or calculate data. Using variables, users can create calculations such as sums, counts, averages, or other totals. Variables are denoted in iReport using the following syntax $V{variablename} (e.g. $V{SumAreaSize})
  • Parameters
  • Bands
  • Groups
  • Sums, Counts, Totals

Sample Reports

IMSMA includes several iReport sample reports. These reports may be used as is or used as a reference to create your reports. The sample reports are installed in the \iReports\IMSMA reports directory of your IMSMA installation directory.