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The Update feature lets you revise data that has already been approved (and displays in the item's Summary). It opens a copy of the item's most-recent data entry form, which you can edit and submit for approval. Once approved, both the original and revised data entry forms are stored in the Summary.

To update data in the Summary window:

  1. Open the item's Summary window.
  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. The template chooser window displays only the data entry form template used to create the original item.
  4. Select the data entry form template, and click the OK button.
  5. The Data Entry Form Editor window displays, with the Date of Report, Report ID, and Local ID fields prepopulated. The Reconciliation tab is also prepopulated with a state of Update.
  6. Add, edit, or delete the necessary data.
  7. When finished, click the Submit button.
  8. When this form is approved, the Summary window will display your updated data.