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Current View Windows

All users will have permission to view the current view windows.

The current view windows display the most recent set of attribute data for an item. This includes field reports, geospatial data, associated attachments, and related item records. Figure 28 illustrates an example of what a current view will display for an item.

Figure 28. Example of a Current View

There are several different ways to access the current view windows:

  • Select the icon on the map so that the blue circle displays on the icon. Once the blue circle is displayed on the icon, double-click the icon on the IMSMA Navigation window’s map pane.
  • Double-click the item record’s row from the IMSMA Navigation window’s items pane.
  • Select the icon on the map or the item record’s row from the items pane and click the InfoPageIcon.png button. From the Identify Selection window, select the item record and click the File:SunglassesIcon.png button.

The attributes displayed in the current view window for each item will vary and are listed in the item-specific sections that follow. Most of the buttons for the current view window are located in the top, right corner of the window. In addition to these buttons, the Done button in the bottom, right corner of the window closes the current view window.

Table 18. Current View Buttons
Button Description
FieldReportIcon.png Lists the field reports that are related to the item.
PrinterIcon.png Displays a printable view of the item.
ShadesIcon.png Displays the item icon on the map.
YellowManIcon.png Displays the location associated with the item. This button is not available from the Location View window.