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All users will have permission to view the summary windows.

The Summary window displays the updated combined data for an item. This includes Data Entry forms, geospatial data, associated attachments, and related item records.

There are several different ways to access the Summary windows:

  • Select the icon on the map so that the blue circle displays on the icon. Once the blue circle is displayed on the icon, double-click the icon on the IMSMA Navigation window’s map pane.
  • Double-click the item row from the IMSMA Navigation window’s items pane.
  • Select the icon on the map or the item row in the items pane and click the Identify Selection button. From the Identify Selection window, select the item record and click the Summary button.
Summary Window

Summary Window

The attributes displayed in the Summary window for each item is possible to customise. The Summary windows consists of different areas:

  • Summary window toolbar
  • information area
    • It is possible to make the Location and Country Structure information invisible
  • the data area.

Summary Buttons
Button Description
Add Allows you to add a new item reconciled to the existing item's location.
Edit Allows you to update the existing data in the item summary window.
Delete Allows you to delete the item summary from the system. Note that any data entry forms associated with the item are not unapproved, but they can only be located by searching for "deleted" type data entry forms.
Data Entry Form Lists the data entry forms that are related to the item.
Print Displays a printable view of the item.
View On Map Displays the item icon on the map.
Attachments Allows you to manage attached files.
Locatin Summary Displays the location associated with the item. This button is not available from the Location Summary window.
Unlink Allows you to remove the link between two or more items.