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The IMSMA Staging Area Generator is a tool that creates a staging area from an IMSMANG database. It is thus part of the IMSMANG tool set, but not included in the IMSMANG installation package. IMSMA Staging Area Generator thus needs to be installed separately. Please contact your GICHD IM advisor in order to get the latest installation package.

Note.jpg The Staging Area Generator can only be used with IMSMANG 6.0 and higher.

Basic Principles

The Staging Area Generator takes an IMSMANG database as input and outputs a staging area database, i.e. a flattened version of the IMSMA database, containing only approved data. The structure of the staging area and a details on the data it contains can be found on the IMSMA Staging Area Database page.

When creating the Staging Area database with the Staging Area Generator is possible to choose:

  • which language to use
  • which Country structure name to use (main or any of the alternative names)
  • if PostGIS geodata should be created
  • which projection to use.

It is easy to schedule the creation of the Staging Area database.