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  1. Access and Use the Impact Scoring Factors Window
  2. Access and Use the Published Template List
  3. Access and Use the Workbench Window
  4. Access the Data Entry Form Template Designer Window
  5. Accident Artifact
  6. Accident Ordnance
  7. Accident Summary Window
  8. Accident Uncategorised
  9. Activity Artifact
  10. Activity Medical Facility Data
  11. Activity Ordnance
  12. Activity Reliability Data
  13. Activity Summary Window
  14. Activity Terrain and Operational Information
  15. Activity Uncategorised
  16. Add Assistance Classification
  17. Add Auxiliary Data
  18. Add Cause Classification
  19. Add Country Structure
  20. Add Custom Defined Fields
  21. Add Form Elements to the Design Pane
  22. Add Item Attributes to the Design Pane
  23. Add Needs Classification
  24. Add Ordnance Classification
  25. Add Organisation
  26. Add Place
  27. Add Reports in IMSMA
  28. Add Subobject Custom Defined Fields
  29. Add Subobject Custom Defined Fields to the Design Pane
  30. Add Text to the Data Entry Form Template
  31. Add Text to the Map Page Layout
  32. Add a Circle to the Map Page Layout
  33. Add a Coordinate System
  34. Add a Data Category
  35. Add a Data Entry Form
  36. Add a Data Entry Form from the Summary Window
  37. Add a Data Entry Form from the Workbench
  38. Add a Legend to the Map Page Layout
  39. Add a Line to the Data Entry Form Template
  40. Add a Local ID Generator
  41. Add a New Role
  42. Add a New Task
  43. Add a New User
  44. Add a North Indicator to the Map Page Layout
  45. Add a Poly Property
  46. Add a Polycurve to the Map Page Layout
  47. Add a Polygon to the Map Page Layout
  48. Add a Rectangle to the Map Page Layout
  49. Add a Scale Indicator to the Map Page Layout
  50. Add a Scenario to an Impact Scoring Template
  51. Add a Scribe Panel to the Data Entry Form Template
  52. Add a Search Definition
  53. Add a Straight Line to the Map Page Layout
  54. Add a new symbol to IMSMA.mxd
  55. Add an Image to the Data Entry Form Template
  56. Add an Image to the Map Page Layout
  57. Add an Oval to the Map Page Layout
  58. Add an iReport Template Definition in IMSMA
  59. Add and or Change the Impact Scoring Templates
  60. Add values to enumeration list
  61. Administrating MINT
  62. Advanced GIS training
  63. Advanced Search
  64. Advocacy Information
  65. Affected Resources Data
  66. Align Form Elements
  67. And Versus Or
  68. Apply a Local ID Generator
  69. Apply a Template to the Map Page Layout
  70. Approve
  71. Approve Data Entry Forms
  72. Approve Data Entry Forms from the Workbench
  73. Arabic page
  74. ArcEngine/Java issue
  75. Assign a Weight to a Factor
  76. Assistance Artifact
  77. Assistance Classification Artifact
  78. Assistance Classification Uncategorised
  79. Assistance Summary Window
  80. Assistance Uncategorised
  81. Attachment Artifact
  82. Attachment SQL
  83. Attachment Table
  84. Audit log
  85. Auxiliary Data
  86. Backup IMSMA Data
  87. Backup and Restore
  88. Basic GIS training
  89. Best practices GIS
  90. Building Searches
  91. CDF Element
  92. CDF display format
  93. CDF error NullPointerException
  94. CDF missing in field
  95. CDF not used
  96. Cause Classification Artifact
  97. Cause Classification Uncategorised
  98. Change CDF data type
  99. Change Display Option for Single Select
  100. Change Element Display Properties
  101. Change IMSMA Theme Display Properties
  102. Change Permission Access Level
  103. Change Shape Display Properties in the Map Page Layout
  104. Change Single Selection Option List
  105. Change Visible Scale Range
  106. Change a Data Category Name
  107. Change an Existing Data Entry Form Template
  108. Change existing symbol in IMSMA.mxd
  109. Change the Coordinate Reference System Display
  110. Change the Display Name of a Coordinate System
  111. Change the Display Order of IMSMA Themes
  112. Change the Language
  113. Change the Map Projection
  114. Change the Map Scale
  115. Change the Page Orientation, Margins, or Paper Size
  116. Change the Scoring Ranges in the Impact Scoring Template
  117. Change the Status of a Published Data Entry Form Template
  118. Change the Text Display of a Legend Entry to the Map Page Layout
  119. Check Attachments
  120. Check Database 6.0
  121. Check Detection Sample Sector VegetationRemoval
  122. Check Link Table Approval State NEW
  123. Check Link Table Deleted
  124. Check Version of IMSMA
  125. Check coordinates distance and bearing
  126. Check coordinates distance and bearing 6.0
  127. Checks If 5.x Database Upgrade Done
  128. Clearance Recommendation Data
  129. Colombia
  130. Combine several zip files
  131. Common Data
  132. Common Elements
  133. Complete and Manage Data Entry Forms
  134. Configuration IMSMA Remote Entry
  135. Configure List Options and Translate the System
  136. Configuring the Items ID Generator
  137. Connecting to IMSMA Staging area from ArcGIS
  138. Connecting to IMSMA Staging area from Excel
  139. Control the Coordinate Display
  140. Control the Page Layout
  141. Coordinate display rules
  142. Coordinate system
  143. Copy an Existing Role
  144. Copy an IMSMA Remote Entry Customisation
  145. Core Design Concepts
  146. Correspondent Injury Cause
  147. Country Structure Artifact
  148. Country Structure Pane
  149. Country Structure Uncategorised
  150. Country structure duplicates
  151. Country structure orphans
  152. Create ODBC source
  153. Create a Basic iReport Template
  154. Create iReport Templates with Subreports
  155. Creating Ad Hoc Views in MINT
  156. Creating Custom Home Pages in MINT
  157. Creating Dashboards in MINT
  158. Creating Data Sources in MINT
  159. Creating MINT Domains
  160. Creating Reports in MINT
  161. Custom Defined Fields
  162. Customise Sub-Themes
  163. Customise Tables
  164. Customising MINT
  165. DIM Categories
  166. Data Categories
  167. Data Dictionary
  168. Data Entry Form Table
  169. Data Entry Form Templates
  170. Data Entry Form Uncategorised
  171. Data Entry Forms
  172. Data Fields
  173. Data Inventory Manager
  174. Data quality checks before upgrading to V6.0
  175. Deactivate a User
  176. Defining Roles, Permissions and Users
  177. Delete Auxiliary Data
  178. Delete Custom Defined Fields
  179. Delete Data Entry Form from Workbench
  180. Delete Non-functional Saved Search
  181. Delete Reports in IMSMA
  182. Delete Selected Elements from the Data Entry Form
  183. Delete Summary Templates
  184. Delete a Coordinate System
  185. Delete a Data Category
  186. Delete a Data Entry Form Template
  187. Delete a Role
  188. Delete a Search Definition
  189. Delete a Task
  190. Delete a Theme from the Legend to the Map Page Layout
  191. Delete an iReport Template Definition from IMSMA Database
  192. Delete from the Summary Window
  193. Deleting Auxiliary Data
  194. Demining Accident
  195. Demining Victim Information
  196. Designing Summary Templates
  197. Difference MySQL PostGreSQL
  198. Display Items in Map Pane
  199. Display Records for a Country Structure Node
  200. Display the Area and Length of a Polygon
  201. Display the IMSMA Control Centre Icon
  202. Display the Map Layout Shapes Toolbar
  203. DocumentHeader Element
  204. Documenting Customisations
  206. Draw on the Map to Specify Geographic Coordinates
  207. Drop a Visual Pin on the Map
  208. Duplicate CDF
  209. Duplicate Enumvalue
  210. Duplicate Enumvalue SQL
  211. Duplicate allow value
  212. D├ęsinstaller IMSMANG et ses composants
  213. Economic Information
  214. Edit Auxiliary Data
  215. Education Artifact
  216. Education Details Uncategorised
  217. Education Professional Information
  218. Education Summary Window
  219. Education Uncategorised
  220. Empty CDF
  221. Empty Reconciliation Tab
  222. Enable a Map Theme
  223. Enable a Theme for Legend to the Map Page Layout
  224. Enable an IMSMA Theme
  225. Enter Auxiliary Data
  226. Enter Cause Data in the Data Entry Form
  227. Enter Country Structure Data in the Data Entry Form
  228. Enter Date Information in the Data Entry Form
  229. Enter Explosive Ordnance Data in the Data Entry Form
  230. Enter Geospatial Data in the Data Entry Form
  231. Enter Given Assistance Data in the Data Entry Form
  232. Enter Needs Assessment Data in the Data Entry Form
  233. Enter Organisation Data in the Data Entry Form
  234. Enter Place Data in the Data Entry Form
  235. Enter Text or Numeric Information in the Data Entry Form
  236. Enum categories and values
  237. Enumeration categories
  238. Environment Variables
  239. Error opening Data Entry Form Template
  240. Event Information
  241. Evidence of Contamination
  242. Excel plug-in and AGOL
  243. Execute a Search Definition
  244. Exit Control Centre
  245. Explore the Toolbars
  246. Export Auxiliary Data
  247. Export Data Entry Form from Workbench
  248. Export Search Result
  249. Export a Data Entry Form from the Summary Window
  250. Export from ArcGIS to Excel

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