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Inactivate Custom Defined Fields

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{{noteNote|A custom defined field cannot be removed if it To inactivate a CDF has no effect on publish Data Entry Form templates and the CDF is on a published field report templatestill included in the Column Picker, etc. }}
To inactivate a custom defined field:
<li>From In the '''Customisation''' menu, select &rarr; '''Data Inventory Manager'''.</li>[[Image:The Data Inventory Manager window displaysDIM category.png|600px|center]]<li>From In the left pane of the Data Inventory Manager window, select the item and data category that contains the CDF you would like to inactivate.</li><li>From In the right pane of the Data Inventory Manager window, click the row of the custom defined field you would like to inactivate.</li><li>Do one of the following:</li>*Click the [[Image:UserManual_CDFStatusIndicatorFieldViewIcon.png]] button. The status of to display the CDF changes to InactiveEditor window.*Click the <center>{| class="wikitable"|-| [[Image:FieldViewIconCDF editor3.png|400px]] button to display the | width="10pt" || [[Image:CDF Editor windoweditor2. From the png|600px]]|}</center><li>The CDF Editor window, uncheck editor looks different depending on data type.</li><li>Uncheck the '''Active''' checkbox and click the '''Save''' button.</li>
{{note|If you would like to remove the custom defined field from existing field report templates, you will need to update and republish the field report template.NavBox HowTo Data Elements}}[[Category:NAA]]

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