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Reconcile CDFs When Publishing a Data Entry Form

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[[HowTo:Publish a Field Report|Publish a Field Report]]<br />
[[HowTo:Reconcile CDFs When Publishing a Field Report |Reconcile CDFs When Publishing a Field Report]]<br />
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[[Published Template List]]<br />
If you attempt to publish a field report template from another IMSMA installation, you may be required to reconcile the CDFs in the field report template to CDFs that are defined in IMSMA. Reconciliation is necessary to ensure that the data is associated with the correct CDF.
If you attempt to publish a field report template that contains CDFs which have been defined outside of your IMSMA installation, the Reconcile CDFs window displays with a message stating, “This form contains CDFs which are not in your database. Please reconcile the following CDFs before publishing:”
[[File:Reconcile CDFs.png|440px|''Figure 169. Reconcile CDFs'']]
::The CDF Editor window displays with data in the fields. Click the '''Save''' button to add the CDF and to reconcile it with the CDF in the field report template.
::*To resolve the CDF in the field report template to an already defined CDF, click the [[File:Pencil.png|20px|<span title=""></span>]] button. You will need to select the CDF and click the Select button.
{| class="wikitable"
::After you have reconciled all CDFs in the field report template, the '''OK''' button in the lower, right corner of the Reconcile CDF window becomes available.
<li>Click the '''OK''' button.</li>
::The field report is published.  [[Category: Maintaining IMSMA]] [{Category: Network Environements]] [[Category: Field Reports]]

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