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Import the Translations

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[[Import the Translated Terms]]<br />
[[HowTo:Change the Langauge| Change the Language]]<br />
<li>From the '''File''' menu, select the '''Import''' menu option.</li>
<li>From the '''Import''' menu, select the '''Translations''' menu option.</li>
::The Import Translated Terms window displays.
<li>Click the '''Browse''' button.</li>
::The Open window displays.
<li>From the Open window:</li>
:::<ol type="a."><li>Navigate to the directory where the file is located. </li>:::b.<li>Click the '''Open''' button. </li></ol>
<li>Click the '''OK''' button.</li>
::The Verify Translation File Upload window displays.
<li>Click the '''Yes''' button.</li>    [[Category: Working with IMSMA]] [[Category: Maintaining IMSMA]] [[Category: Considerations for Language and Translations]] [[Category: HowTo Update the Localisation Files]]

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