Create a Basic iReport Template

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<li>From In the '''File''' menu, select &rarr; '''New...'''. </li>:The New file window displays. <li>From the '''Report''' list, select Select the template you would like to use for your report. Blank A4 or an IMSMA specific template are preferrable</li>
{{note|At iReport startup, it can take several seconds to load the window with the templates. The next time you click on '''New...''' however, the templates appear instantaneously.}}
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<li>Click the '''Launch Report Wizard''' button.</li>
:The window to name the report and file location displays.
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<li>Click the '''Next''' button.
The window to group the report data displays. The [[Modify an iReport Template#Sorting_and_Grouping|group by]] step allows you to list item records that have the same value for the selected group by field together in the report. If you would like to group the report data, select the attribute on which you would like to group the data from the Group list.</li>
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