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Install IMSMANG Version 6

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<li>On the Installer Language dialog, select the language you want to use during installation, and then click '''OK'''.</li>
<li>When the Kiwix Setup panel displays, click '''License Agreement'''.</li>
<li>After reading the license agreement, click '''I Agree'''.</li>
<li>Click '''Next'''.</li>
<li>In the Installing panel, wait for the progress bar to finish, and then click '''Next'''.</li>
# In the command window, press any key to get started and then enter the password (which is ''password'') and press Enter. The database generation will start.
# When the generation is finished you will be prompted to press any key to continue.
{{ note | It is very important that you do not have any connection to the database when you create an initial database or restore a database.
The IMSMA server should not be started, no connection with PGAdmin, Navicat, iReport or OCBC sources. }}
==Part 5 Type of configuration==
<ol type="a">
<li>Set the java.naming.provider.url value to '''hostname.domain''' replacing hostname and domain with the appropriate values, or to the IP address of the server.</li>
<li>Press the '''[Enter]Save''' key.</li>
<ol type="a">
<li>Enter “true” in the Value cell for the isClientOnly property.</li>
<li>Press the '''[Enter]Save''' key.</li>

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