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Modify an iReport Template

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Sorting and Grouping
It may be helpful to sort the report results using the value in one or more of the fields. Sorting the results makes it easier to review the results and locate any records that you may be searching for.
To sort report results:
<ol start="131">
<li>Create the report.</li>
<li>Select the '''Report Query''' button.</li>
{{note|When sorting data in reports that contain groups, ensure the “Group by” fields appear first in the sort order.}}
<ol start="186">
<li>From the '''Sort Type''' list, select either the ''Ascending'' or ''Descending'' sort order.</li>
<li>Click the '''OK''' button.</li>
:The Report query window closes.
<p>You will need to compile and execute the report for the sort options to take effect.</p>
=Working with Images==
===Adding an Image to an iReport Template===

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