Select Symbols in Map Pane

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The Select button allows you to select one or more features from the map. The rows of the selected features in the items data tab are highlighted in blue. See section A closer view of the map area allows you to select the specific icon in which you are interested.

To select icons on the map using the feature selection map control:

  1. Click the MouseIcon.png button.
  2. Select the icon(s) on the map for which you would like to locate data in the items pane.
Note.jpg To select multiple icon(s), click the map and while holding down the mouse button, drag the mouse to form a rectangle around the icon(s) you would like to select. Then release the mouse button.
A blue circle displays in the centre of the selected icon(s) and the associated rows in the items pane are highlighted in yellow.
  1. To disable the feature selection map control, select another GIS map control.