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IMSMA allows you to run a search based on the poly properties assigned to areas on the map. Searching by poly property can be useful if you want to locate a group of similar areas (such as all lands with a status of 'Open', or all MREs classified as 'Training').

To add poly property criteria to a search:

  1. Click the Add button to add an attribute to an existing search definition.
  2. From the attribute list, select Geospatial Information.
  3. From the operator list, select Poly Property.
  4. From the second operator list, select:
    • Is to include the specified poly properties in the search.
    • Is Not to exclude the specified poly properties from the search.
  5. Click the Options button.
  6. In the Options Selections window, select one or more poly properties from the list, then click the OK button.
  7. The poly property search criteria display in the search pane of the Search(Add) window.