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In addition to basic searches, you can use the map pane to search inside or outside a geographical area. This can be particularly useful if you are working within a specific region, and wish to use visual landmarks or organisational boundaries to limit your search. It is also useful if you want to run a larger search but exclude a specific region – such as a previously discovered land site – from the results.

To add map criteria to a search:

  1. Click the Add button to add an attribute to an existing search definition.
  2. From the attribute list, select Geospatial Information.
  3. Select Points or Poly Property <Item> from the drop-down.
  4. From the operator list, select:
    • Inside to search within a selected map area.
    • Outside to search outside a selected map area.
  5. Click the GeoSearch button.
  6. Navigate to the area on the map pane where you wish to search.
  7. Click the Lasso button.
  8. Drag the pointer around an area of the map.
  9. After a short period, the selected area displays in a selection box.
  10. Click the Save and Close Map button.
  11. The coordinates of the selected area display in the value field of the Search(Add) window.