Reassign Item to another Location

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  1. Open the Location window of the item that requires location reassignment.
  2. Select the item in the Location window, and then click the Location Reassignment button.
  3. The Pick Location window displays.
Note.jpg Click Show All or use the filter to find a location.
  1. Select a location from the list, and then click Assign.
  2. The Template For <Item> : <Item> window displays.
  3. Select the Data Entry Form template used for the item you opened in step 1.
  4. Click OK.
  5. The Data Entry Form Editor displays a new Data Entry Form. The date of report field, the item ID field, and the Reconciliation tab are automatically populated with the location reassignment information.
  6. Verify that the location reassignment information displays on the Reconciliation and Comments tabs.
  7. Approve, submit, or save the Data Entry Form.
  8. The location is reassigned when the Data Entry Form is approved.
Warning.jpg Data entered in the Data Entry Form can overwrite existing item data.
Note.jpg You can restore the previous location by unapproving the location reassignment Data Entry Form.