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{{NavBox HowTo Search}}

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To print a list of the item records in the search results, click the Print.png button. The Reports for Printing window will display. Select a report under Report Templates, and click the Print button.

Reports for Printing Window

Reports for Printing Window

Available Printing Templates

When clicking on the print button, the Reports for Printing window displays and lists all the printing templates available for this particular item - for example, if the search was performed on accidents, the window will list all templates available for accidents. With every IMSMANG V6 installation comes a set of predefined inspirational templates, in several categories: List Templates, Summary Templates, Geospatial Templates and Inspirational (statistics) Templates. All these templates can be adapted to specific needs, and completely new ones can be added. Each category of predefined templates is explained in more details in the following sections.

List Templates

List templates contain a list of the objects selected for printing, with only few important attributes per object. Use cases include for example: print a list of all land for a specific location, print a list of a the accidents that happened in a certain year, etc. Attributes displayed on these templates are typically basic ones that allow identifying the objects, such as its ID, name and important dates.

List Printing Template

List Printing Template

Summary Templates

Summary templates contain much more detail about each object than the list templates. They usually reflect the Summary Views. A typical use case would be to print all details from one specific object. When several objects are selected for printing, then each object's summary will start on a new page.

Summary Printing Template

Summary Printing Template

Geospatial Templates

Geospatial templates include the geographical data of objects, displayed in a list. They are a separate category and not included in the summary templates because due to the number of attributes that is necessary to get an overview of the geographical data, they are better displayed in a landscape format. This can be changed however if required, by either creating a new template for geodata, or by editing the existing one.

Inspirational Templates

Inspirational templates are included to give an idea of what other types of templates can be created for printing from IMSMA. They are thus really meant as an inspiration for users to create their own templates with advanced techniques such as charts and crosstabs, according to their requirements. The following inspirational templates are included in the IMSMANG V6 installation:

  • Handover Certificate: this is a template on the ACTIVITY item that can be used as inspiration for a handover certificate. It includes data about the handover activity, and a suggestion for a text to be included in the certificate, as well as placeholders for signature. This template should be adapted according to more specific requirements in a programme.
  • Statistics - Accidents by Year and Type: this is a template (on the ACCIDENT item) for a bar chart showing the number of accidents by year and type (such as mine accident, demining accident)
  • Statistics - Victims by Month and Ordnance Type: this is a template (also on the ACCIDENT item, although it displays victim data - the reason is that the month and the ordnance are attached to the accident item to which victims are linked to in IMSMA) for a line chart displaying the number of victims by month of the accident and ordnance that caused the accident.
  • Statistics - Land with Ordnance Details: this template (on the LAND item) displays a simple list of land with the related ordnance recorded for that land (not taking into account ordnance that has been recorded on activities linked to the land).