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One of the geotables need to be included in the table/view that you are exporting and the mandatory column is called shape.

  1. Create a SQL view or use one of the existing GIS views
  2. Open the command / DOS prompt
  3. Go to C:\IMSMAng\pgsql\bin
  4. Run the command pgsql2shp with the following parameters
-f the name of the resulting shape file
-h host name If the Staging area database is on your computer than use localhost
-u user Use imsma
-P password Use password
database name
SQL view or table name You may refer to it by the name of if you would like to export all rows OR specify the SQL statement
Note.jpg Any " inside the SQL statement needs to be escaped and therefore it is easier to refer to a SQL view that contains the columns and rows you would like to export.

The number of rows exported witll be shown when the export is done

Example: pgsql2shp -f land_polygon -h localhost -u imsma -P password staging " select * from haz_gis_poly where \"Status\" = 'Closed' "