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One of the geotables need to be included in the table/view that you are exporting and the mandatory column is called shape.

  1. Create a SQL view or use one of the existing GIS views
  2. Open the command / DOS prompt
  3. Go to C:\IMSMAng\pgsql\bin
  4. Run the command pgsql2shp with the following parameters
-f the name of the resulting shape file
-h host name If the Staging area database is on your computer than use localhost
-u user Use imsma
-P password Use password
database name
SQL view or table name

You may refer to the SQL view/table by the name of it you would like to export all rows OR specify the SQL statement.

Note.jpg Any " inside the SQL statement needs to be escaped and therefore it is easier to refer to a SQL view that contains the columns and rows you would like to export.

The number of rows exported witll be shown when the export is done

Example: pgsql2shp -f land_polygon -h localhost -u imsma -P password staging " select * from haz_gis_poly where \"Status\" = 'Closed' "

Note.jpg If the Output shape type is Unknown then there is something wrong with the SQL view/table. Most likely the mandatory column shape is not included.